Meet Emily, our new Administrative Assistant

Torres Del Paine, Chile

Hi, my name is Emily and I could not be more excited to be starting off the New Year as the new Administrative Assistant at the National Forest Foundation.  

I was born in Maryland, raised in Michigan, and came into my own in Montana. (It appears I have a thing for “M” states.) I have always loved the woods; that was instilled in me from a young kid growing up in northern Michigan camping and playing with my family. But my love for the mountains was an outcome of spending almost every summer growing up, at camp in Colorado learning every possible way to play outside.  Sanborn Camp was a very molding experience for me and the first chance I got, I moved away from Michigan, back to the mountains and started going to school in Missoula at the University of Montana.

I did a summer semester abroad participating in a NOLS course in Scandinavia where I spent my summer sea kayaking, backpacking and further solidifying my addiction to travel and being abroad.  After graduating with a degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing and Event Management, I moved to Seattle dazzled by the charm of a big city near the mountains. It almost seemed too good to be true… And it was… After only a year and a half my boyfriend and I packed up everything again, and moved back to a place we both love, Missoula.

I spent the last few years working at REI and a local brewery. I was starting to feel like I wanted a change but before I could settle down; I wanted to go back abroad with my fiancé Tim. We decided to take two and a half months and explore the bottom of the world in Patagonia. It was incredible and would have stayed down there forever if we could. The snow and our dog Russ eventually lured us back to Missoula, and after a while, I realized I really did want to settle down and find a meaningful career with a fun, inspiring organization.  

In my free time I love to cook, read, ski, hike, bike, camp, really any way to get out play outside in our beautiful Montana Mountains.  If I had to choose a favorite activity, it would be skiing without a doubt. I spend time almost every day in our nearby Lolo National Forest and was thrilled to land a job with the NFF. I think it is amazing the hard work everyone does here to support our National Forest system and could not feel luckier to be a part of this all-star team.  

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