NFF Grant Helps Enhance Nevada's Wilderness Areas

With funds from the National Forest Foundation’s Matching Awards Program , Friends of Nevada Wilderness sustained their engaged and trained citizen-volunteers to support the Forest Service in maintaining Wilderness on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

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Within that broad goal, FNW focused on five objectives for the NFF Grant:

  1. Improve recreational resources through trail maintenance and restoration.
    - Six miles of the Bonanza Trail were maintained.
    - Four miles of the Toiyabe Crest National Recreational Trail were cleared.
    - On Nevada National Trails Day, volunteers removed 80 down aspen on the Summit Trail.
  2. Improve watershed health and animal habitat through inventorying range allotment infrastructure.
    - Volunteers identified fences, water developments and cattle guards to be incorporated into a database.
  3. Enhance wildlife habitat through fire recovery efforts undertaken by community members.
    - 1,575 bitterbush, more than 600 sagebrush and nearly 1,000 willows were planted in the Hanson Burn area.
  4. Enhance recreation quality through recreation site improvements and restoration of unauthorized recreation sites.
    - Volunteers constructed a 50ft access trail, sanded and painted 16 picnic tables, and brushed one mile of fence at Lye Creek Campgound.
  5. Continue citizen-based project collaboration.
    - FNW hosted several trainings including sawyers, basic stewardship, GPS and map training, Wilderness First-Aid and more.
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By the numbers, FNW accomplished fantastic results:

  • FNW volunteers and staff successfully completed 28 stewardship projects across three districts on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.
  • 284 volunteers contributed 2,960 hour to the health of Nevada’s National Forests.
  • Volunteers gave back $84,205 of in-kind labor.
  • FNW put on 14 training sessions in which 64 volunteers participated.
  • FNW improved, repaired or maintained 19.1 miles of trail and planted 3,175 trees and shrubs.
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What does FNW do?

Wes Hoskins, Friends of Nevada Wilderness Grants and Agreement Specialist: Friends of Nevada Wilderness was founded in 1984, working together with all Nevadans, we find the common ground needed to protect our wildland heritage. We share the values and vision of wilderness with the general public, civic organizations and clubs, land managers and elected officials.

Apart from educating the public about wilderness values, we have a robust volunteer stewardship program. Friends of Nevada Wilderness works with volunteers on the ground to help monitor and restore wildlands in Nevada.

What were some of the highlights of the 2012 field season?

Hoskins: I think the best success in 2012 was on the Santa Rosa ranger district: volunteers planted over 3,000 sagebrush and bitterbrush seedlings in order to rehabilitate two burned areas on the district. This project was crucial for mule deer winter range as well as sage grouse habitat. The work continues in 2013 and we hope to be funded for this project for years in the future. Having multi-year projects to affect large burned areas is crucial, and NFF is an important funder for these efforts.

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Describe the variety of projects and areas that FNW works:

Hoskins: Our mission is to be a value to our agency partners. Their priorities are our priorities. That said, we accomplish a wide range of work, listed below:

  • Invasive weed eradication on arid ground as well as riparian;
  • trail maintenance and social trail restoration;
  • old barbed-wire fence removal;
  • fire recovery work including vegetation planting;
  • grazing infrastructure removal;
  • visitor services structures instillation (signs and kiosks);
  • range monitoring;
  • campsite monitoring;
  • campsite restoration;
  • unauthorized route restoration;
  • visitor use monitoring;
  • work to fulfill all of the Chief’s 10-Year Wilderness Stewardship Challenge Elements; 

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