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Road for Trails

Sometimes restoration activities can take months or even years to appreciate the results. Tree-planting for example, can take ten years to even look like new trees—or longer. Stream restoration can take several seasons for the first fish to return. Road removal however, can have nearly instant results—at least to the eye.   This past summer and fall, the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust removed 11 miles of unused roads on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and surrounding... (Read more…)

Kettle Fest 2012 – Five Fun-filled Days of Camping, Mountain Biking and Trail Stewardship

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance received funding from the NFF Matching Awards Program for 2012 projects—including Kettle Fest. Stacy Karacostas, Communication and Membership Director, of Evergreen MTB recaps a fun day of trail-building on the Colville National Forest. The overcast sky is just starting to break on a beautiful July morning as 30-some mountain bikers mill around a campground clearing, swilling coffee and waiting to start the day. They’ve come from all over... (Read more…)

A Year of Community Engagement on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Before I moved to Northwestern Washington to serve in a year-long AmeriCorps internship for the National Forest Foundation, I had visited the Seattle area a few times. Each time, the weather had been a typical overcast day, with showers ranging from a light sprinkle, to a heavy downpour. Having grown up in Central Oregon, where there are about as many sunny days as there are in Hawaii, I knew that it would take some time getting used to the cloudy, heavy grey skies. The first time I... (Read more…)