Stewardship Fund Partners

Parterning with Ski Lodges and Local Businesses

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Together with businesses and forest visitors, we meet local conservation challenges, whether improving wildlife habitat, securing riverbanks, planting native seeds, or fixing trails.

Each year, National Forests host more than 400 million visits. Families return to their favorite resorts and campsites year-after-year, friends on roadtrips hop from forest to forest, and couples seek adventure in the great outdoors.

National Forests give Americans endless opportunities to explore, but there aren’t always ways for visitors to support the woods, wildlife, and trails that draw them back year-after-year. The NFF's Stewardship Funds give visitors a way to give back to their favorite forests.

Across the country, lodges, resorts, guiding companies, campgrounds, and other businesses are partners in the NFF's Ski Conservation FundTM or the Forest Stewardship Fund.  At participating businesses, visitors simply leave an extra buck in campground fee envelopes, donate a dollar per room night at hotels and resorts, give a little extra when purchasing a lift ticket, or contribute as part of a guiding service.

Working closely with businesses and the Forest Service, the NFF leverages funds to improve wildlife habitat, restore watersheds, and enhance recreation sites on the National Forest where the funds were donated. Through the NFF’s Stewardship Funds, businesses encourage guests to support the landscapes they love, visitors have the opportunity to stay, play, and make a difference, and America’s National Forests will be even better for next year’s visitors.

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