NFF Accomplishments

The NFF conserves and restores our National Forests through collaboration and community-based stewardship.

A common thread connecting all National Forest Foundation (NFF) programs and initiatives is an interest in action-oriented projects that enhance the viability of natural resources while considering benefits to, and the involvement of, surrounding communities. Our non-federal partners run the gamut from start-up, collaborative organizations, to sustainable organizations with rich histories of conservation successes.

Much of our shared success emanates directly from the collaborative spirit of our multiple partnerships. Through our and our partners' efforts, we are able to accomplish a multitude of on-the-ground accomplishments that benefit our National Forests and Grasslands and the surrounding communities. All of our partners work hand in hand with us to support watershed restoration, improve wildlife habitat for both game and non-game species, restore forests and enhance recreational opportunities. Through communication, cooperation and collaborative activities, the NFF is working to ensure that all of our organizations can maintain, sustain and expand effective conservation programs for the future of America's forests and the millions of people who enjoy them each year.

Our joint efforts have led to impressive cumulative conservation results that benefit our National Forests and Grasslands. The following are a few of the cumulative accomplishments made possible by $103 million of federal and non-federal funds invested in over 1,300 projects:

  • 4,135,102 trees and shrubs planted.
  • 9,035 trail miles repaired, improved and maintained.
  • 154,078 acres of fire-risk reduction.
  • 72,405 acres treated for noxious weeds.
  • 130 capacity-building processes supported.
  • 102,856 volunteers engaged.
  • 1,263,716 volunteer hours contributed.