Community Capacity and Land Stewardship Program

Application Process

FY 2014 Application Process

The Stikine Wetlands
The Stikine Wetlands, Tongass National Forest

Proposals must be received hard-copy by the stated deadlines

Emailed, faxed, late or incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Please download the appropriate RFP for your geographic area.



National Forests in Oregon and Washington

Supporting Partners: U.S. Forest Service

Advisory Partners: Sustainable Northwest, Oregon Solutions, USDA Rural Development, Oregon Department of Forestry

Number of Funding Rounds: 1

Estimated Number of Grants: 7-9

Request for Proposals: Oregon and Washington CCLS Request for Proposals

Deadline: July 10,2014; Hard Copy Submission Only


National Forests in California

Supporting Partners: U.S. Forest Service

Number of Funding Rounds: 1

Estimated Number of Grants: 9

Request for Proposals: California CCLS Request for Proposals

Deadline:  No Longer Open

Webinar: California CCLS Webinar Presentation 5-29-13


Tongass National Forest, Alaska 

Supporting Partner: U.S. Forest Service Alaska Region

Advisory Partners: USDA Rural Development, Alaska State Economic Development Administration; U.S. Forest Service State and Private Forestry

Number of Funding Rounds: 1

Estimated Number of Grants: 4

Request for Proposals: Tongass CCLS Request for Proposals

REVISED Deadline: No Longer Open



 Supporting Documents

Please use the below supporting documents to complete proposal submissions. 


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