Forest Stewardship Fund


Trail retread

Forest Stewardship Funds go toward trail rehabilitation, habitat restoration, and much more.

Through the NFF's Forest Stewardship Fund, we team up with businesses and their visitors to care of their backyard forest. Throughout the country, visitors contribute $1 per room night when they stay at participating lodges, round up their fees at campgrounds, or donate through guiding services. The NFF works closely with participating businesses and local nonprofits to invest funds in on-the-ground conservation projects on the National Forest where the funds were collected. Projects advance the NFF's on-the-ground, action-oriented approach to wildlife habitat improvement, watershed restoration, community-based forestry programs and forest recreation improvements.

When you plan your next vacation, visit one of our Forest Stewardship Fund partners, where you can stay, play, and make a difference.

For Lodges, Campgrounds, and Recreation Businesses:  The Forest Stewardship Fund supports wildlife habitat improvements, watershed restoration, recreation enhancements, and community forest projects.  Our
Granting Details and Forest Stewardship Fund Overview outline how the program works.  For more information contact Greg Peters at or (406) 830-3361.

For Nonprofit Organizations:  Visit the Application Process page or read the FSF Frequently Asked Questions. You may also be interested in our Wilderness Stewardship Challenge or Matching Awards Program.

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