Matching Awards Program (MAP) Past Awards

Awards shown on this page may not necessarily be reflective of current program criteria. Please refer to the current grant criteria for the most up-to-date program guidelines.

Round 1

American Chestnut Foundation
Planting American Chestnut Trees in National Forests
To recruit 30 community members to plant 1,250 potentially blight-resistant American chestnut trees on two National Forests.

Appalachian Mountain Club
Avalon Trail Reconstruction
To reconstruct the popular Avalon Trail by installing rock steps, drainages and trail tread definition, using native materials, to correct impacted areas, prevent further erosion and enhance hiker experience and safety.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Protecting Appalachian Trail Open Spaces
To maintain and improve early successional habitat for wildlife species, including golden-winged warblers. The work will also control invasive plant species and improve scenery for hikers on the Appalachian Trail.

Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation
50 Miles of Trail for 50 Years of Wilderness Act
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation will restore and maintain 50 miles of trail in each of the three Wilderness areas within the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.

Colorado Mountain Club
Badger Flats Habitat Restoration
To partner with the Pike National Forest to engage volunteers and youth corps crews to complete 640 hours of work on habitat restoration projects on the South Park Ranger Districts.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
Evergreen Volunteer Trail Work Program
To will provide at least 2,500 volunteer hours and .55 FTE for trail work and maintenance on approximately 75 miles of trails in the National Forest in a one year period.

Forest Guild
New Mexico Natural Resource Conservation Projects
To implement a comprehensive set of natural resource conservation projects involving 46 youth, from 7 different counties, on 6 different Forest Service Ranger Districts in New Mexico.

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education
Implementing La Sals Trails Plan with Canyon Country Youth Corps
To implement the La Sals Trails Plan with Canyon Country Youth Corps Project over 13 weeks with 3 crews.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness
Volunteer Stewardship Projects
To assist our forest partners manage forest lands through our citizen-based volunteer program which enables community members to come together on the forest and get valuable work done.

Grand Canyon Trust
Willows, Aspens, Toads, and Thistle
To support 5 on-the-ground restoration and citizen science projects, 2 tribal and Forest Service commitments and 4 consensus collaborations: Willow restoration, aspen transects, aspen photo points, boreal toad surveys, and invasive thistle removal.

Greater Yellowstone Coalition
Inventoried Roadless Area Wilderness Character Monitoring
To implement a citizen-science wilderness character monitoring project in a portion of the Gallatin Range on the Gallatin National Forest lying just outside the Hyalite-Porcupine-Buffalo-Horn Wilderness Study Area.

Lake County Resources Initiative
South Warner Aspen Restoration
To improve aspen stands within the south Warner Mountains by reducing competion of encroaching conifer and juniper.

Montana Discovery Foundation
Thermograph Monitoring on Forest Watersheds
To use temperature data loggers and a youth citizen science team to monitor daily temperatures in both air and water across four watersheds.

Northwest Youth Corps
Wild Sky Wilderness Kelley Creek Trail Relocation
To construct up to 1 mile of a relocation of the Kelley Creek Trail to connect the trail to existing Martin Creek Trailhead of the Iron Goat Trail. The current Kelley Creek Trailhead is a road pullout in a clear-cut.

Pacific Northwest Invasive Plant Council
Citizen Science Invasive Plant Survey and Control Program
To educate and train local citizens to identify priority invasive species, conduct trail surveys in vulnerable areas to search for newly emerging invaders and manually eradicate selected target species.

Poudre Wilderness Volunteers
North Fork Trail Restoration
To restore the 4.5 mile North Fork Trail that was damaged by flood.

Rocky Mountain Nature Association
2014 American Conservation Corps
To provide labor for on-the-ground conservation projects that improve the forest's health, promote recreational use, and help the Forest Service meet its goals after the 2013 floods in Colorado.

Rural Action
Restoring Populations of American Ginseng, Goldenseal, and Ramps
To use population mapping and monitoring, seed collection, planting and training to promote conservation and cultivation of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), and ramps (allium tricoccum).

Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation
Volunteer Stewardship Program 2014
To fund lead Wilderness Stewards to coordinate and implement 2014 volunteer wilderness stewardship projects on the Bitterroot and Salmon-Challis National Forest

Stanislaus Wilderness Volunteers
Wilderness Ranger Internships
To hire 2 interns to work with volunteers and Forest Service staff in wilderness areas on a variety of projects needed to meet and maintain wilderness standards in these areas for recreation, wildlife habitat and watershed health.

Superior Watershed Partnership
Monarch Habitat Restoration and Improvement Project
To enhance and restore additional important pollinator habitat and compliments previous work funded by the National Forest Foundation and which has received national attention.

The Freshwater Trust
Still Creek Watershed Restoration Project
To accelerate the recovery of naturally functioning stream conditions to restore production and improve long and short term survival of native fish in the Mt. Hood National Forest

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
2014 Stewardship Projects
To complete 9 watershed protection and recreation projects, four of which respond to fire and flood restoration efforts with approximately 715 volunteer days and over 4900 volunteer hours.

Walama Restoration Project
Recreation site Enhancement at Marion Lake in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness
To engage community and youth groups in enhancement efforts to restore the integrity of recreation sites adjacent to Marion Lake in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness.

Watershed Research & Training Center
South Fork Basin Stewards
To engage those living in the South Fork Basin in volunteering and stewardship including: wildlife habitat improvement, recreation improvement, watershed health and restoration and community based monitoring activities.

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
214 Partnership for Stewardship
To engage 900 volunteers in 24 habitat restoration and trail projects on 3 National Forests in Colorado and foster community involvement in stewardship and restoration of local forests, watersheds, streams, wetlands, wildlife habitat and trails.

Yaak Valley Forest Council
Headwaters Restoration Partnership Project
To continue a comprehensive approach to restoration addressing fisheries in the Yaak watershed, preventing road-to-stream sedimentation, weed-caused stream bank erosion, & migration barriers. Terrestrial restoration addresses wildlife habitat.

Round 2 

Colorado Fourteeners Initiative
El Diente Peak Trail Reconstruction Project Phase II
To complete a sustainably located, durably constructed trail to El Diente Peak and close/restore the user-created trail through the ecologically sensitive Kilpacker Basin in southwestern Colorado.

Friends of Kings Peak
Painter Basin Trail Rehabilitation Project
To clarify system trails and install a new sign and post in upper Painter Pasin on the way to Kings Peak. Improvements will eliminate lost hiker helicopter-assisted search and rescues.

Great Burn Study Group
Forest Stewards 2014
To maintain, restore and protect wildlife habitat and to mitigate recreation impacts on roadless national forest lands along the Stateline between western Montana and northern Idaho. The project emphasizes community and college student involvement.

Mid Klamath Watershed Council
Klamath Community Stewardship Project
To involve local community members in on-the-ground efforts to restore salmon habitat and remove prioritized invasive plants in order to improve watershed health.

Montana Conservation Corps
Rattlesnake National Recreation Area Trail Stewardship project
To make improvements to one of the most popular trail systems in the Missoula area. Projects are designed to mitigate current trail resource damage due to over-use, poor trail design, weather events, and lack of regular maintenance.

Northwest Connections
Citizen Science- Native Trout Restoration in Montana's Swan Valley
To engage local anglers, fishing outfitters and students in two projects to assess migratory west slope cutthroat trout populations in Montana's Swan River. The information will immediately inform active restoration projects on key tributaries.

Outward Bound California
High Sierra Watershed Restoration and Stewardship Partnership
To support lakeshore restoration, water quality protection and mitigation of recreation impacts in the Ansel Adams, Dinkey Lakes, and John Muir Wilderness areas through volunteer stewardship projects.

Pacific Crest Trail Association
Sierra Buttes Realignment Phase II
To realign six miles of the Pacific Crest Trail to resolve potential safety issues, lack of access to good water and camping opportunities, and conflicts with other user groups on the current published route.

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps-New Mexico
Pecos Fire Trail Restoration
To partner with Pecos, Espanola and Las Vegas Ranger Districts as well as with private volunteers. This project will restore 16.5 miles of recreational trail and monitor fire damage while engaging and training youth.

Sitka Conservation Society
Community Engagement in Watershed Stewardship
To involve community members in Sitka, Alaska in the collection of effectiveness monitoring data for 5 restoration and long-term ecological monitoring projects.

Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition
Early Detection and Rapid Response Control of Invasive Reed Canarygrass
To partner with 4 regional community-based watershed groups and volunteers to remove invasive Reed Canarygrass and revegetate native species in riparian zones impacting Tongass National Forest.

Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy
Habitat Improvement in the Roan Mountain Natural Heritage Site
To commit to the conservation of the Roan Mountain massif by using volunteers to monitor grassy blades and early successional habitat and by leading an effort to control the invasion of feral hogs into the fragile ecosystem.

The Lands Council
Beaver Effects Monitoring
To assess habitat for fish, amphibian and bird monitoring, and post release monitoring, including a detailed assessment of changes in vegetation and hydrology.

Upper Deschutes Watershed Council
Whychus Dam Removal and Floodplain Restoration Project
To remove an existing dam, eliminate an unscreened diversion, restore 1.25 miles of stream channel, open access to 13 miles of upstream spawning habitat and restore 1 cfs of senior water right permanently instream.

Western North Carolina Alliance
Muddy Water Watch
To close illegal roads and prevent further sedimentation to three sub watersheds that are major contributors to sediment pollution.

Wild Utah Project
Rare Plant and Non-Native Mountain Goat Monitoring
To engage the community in monitoring for baseline data of rare plants in the high reaches of the Manti-La Sal National Forest's alpine ecosystem and assess any damage due to the introduction of non-native mountain goats.

Wilderness Society, The
Building the Next Generation of Wilderness Stewards
To work in concert with existing trail and stewardship partners to facilitate the continuation of on-the-ground efforts. Crews will work for 18 weeks on trail maintenance and relocation projects.

Wilderness Volunteers Giving Something Back
2015 National Forest Wilderness Stewardship Projects
To organize and promote a series of weeklong hands-on service projects in National Forests across the country that provide volunteer labor to achieve planned management goals to protect forest wilderness in partnership with managing ranger districts.

Yosemite Stanislaus Solution
Rim Fire Restoration
To restore the damage to the Tuolumne Watershed caused by the 2013 Rim Fire. This project includes a suite of weed pulling, trail restoration, and seed collection and propagation projects.