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Tongass, Alaska

Salmon by Amy Gulick
The Tongass National Forest is home to all five species of Pacific salmon. Photo by Amy Gulick

Stretching across Southeast Alaska, the Tongass National Forest is our nation's largest national forest and the world's largest temperate rainforest at almost 17 million acres. Treasured for its pristine nature, the Tongass harbors diverse fish and wildlife populations and provides recreation opportunities unique to Alaska.

Wildlife includes the largest known concentration of bald eagles gathering each fall and winter, cutthroat and other kinds of trout, along with all five species of Pacific salmon--chum, Coho, king, pink and sockeye.

For decades, the Tongass has been highly valued for its wealth of natural resources clean water, abundant fish and trees that provide economic stability for the communities of the region.

Balancing resource sustainability and community well-being is now Southeast Alaska's biggest challenge. Though timber manufacturing has declined in recent years, the increase in the service and tourism industry has emerged with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The region faces many decisions about how to restore and manage their natural resources for both ecological and economic sustainability.

Treasured Landscapes- Tongass
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For the last few years, the National Forest Foundation has been working to unite diverse stakeholders in Southeast Alaska, nurture community capacity to engage in resource stewardship, and support on-the-ground watershed restoration. With this region selected as a campaign site, the NFF will further focus on long-term habitat protection. Our projects will improve fish habitat and the ecological condition of critical salmon streams.

We will also continue to support creation of a sustainable economic base for the region through a transition to a second-growth timber base. Through an ongoing collaborative process, we will help diverse stakeholders find common ground in ensuring ecologically vibrant forests, abundant fish and wildlife populations, healthy watersheds, and strong communities.

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