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Nine new partners join the NFF Stewardship Fund Programs supporting local National Forest restoration.

Several Ski Areas and Resorts Join NFF's Stewardship Fund Programs

Monies generated supports on-the-ground projects on National Forests

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photo by Jack Affleck

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) is proud to announce its newest Ski Conservation and Forest Stewardship Fund partners for the 2012-2013 season. Together with ski areas and lodges operating on and around National Forests, the NFF provides an opportunity for guests and skiers to make micro-contributions to a fund that implements restoration projects on the National Forest where each resort is located. The NFF matches donations from guests and further leverages the restoration investments by partnering with local conservation organizations to implement projects. 

Since 2006, the program has generated more than $3 million for restoration projects across the National Forest System. When the NFF and partner match is included, the Ski Conservation and Forest Stewardship Funds have generated an incredible $6.9 million in conservation value. The projects funded help to improve wildlife habitat, restore watersheds, enhance recreational opportunities, and support community-based forestry. On-the-ground results through this program since 2006 include:

  • More than 400 nonprofit partner organizations.
  • 983 miles of trail improved.
  • 11,497 volunteers engaged.
  • 1,820 acres treated and restored.
  • 1,149 campsites maintained.

The Ski Conservation and Forest Stewardship Funds are amazing examples of how pooled micro-contributions can make a huge difference for our National Forests. Each guest donation is only one dollar, but with the NFF’s matching dollars and the incredible numbers of skiers and visitors to our National Forests, we are able to generate impressive conservation results. Thanks to all who participate in this program. 

We encourage you to support the partners who have implemented this program in 2012:



New Hampshire:



If none of these new partners fit into your travel plans, check out the list of current partners and book your visit today!

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