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Fortune Brands Home & Security Joins NFF to Expand Its Environmental Commitment By 10K Trees

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At Fortune Brands, we embrace the responsibility to be a good corporate partner with high standards for our associates, suppliers and products in any location we do business.

We believe the protection of natural resources is a key component of our mission. The traditional industrial manufacturing model of “take, make and then dispose” is not aligned with our values. We continually strive to use less energy, water and materials, while also reducing or recycling the waste generated.

A Partnership Aligned at the Core

That’s why we support the many goals of the National Forest Foundation (NFF). In 2019, we are honored to join the NFF team and ensure 10,000 more trees are planted as part of their extraordinary goal of 50 million new trees throughout our National Forests. These new trees will improve water quality, diminish the effects of climate change and help generate the restoration of tens of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat.

Also, for every dollar donated, the NFF ensures the U.S. Forest Services provides $2 of project support and implementation.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

For Fortune Brands, our responsible approach to business means finding a way to balance our commitment to environmental stewardship with delivering exceptional products. Innovation from each of our companies is what drives our green standards. Below are some of the practices helping us take the right steps toward a clean and healthy planet.

  • As a leader in eco-friendly composite, decking, Fiberon keeps more than 70,000 tons of recycled plastic, lumber mill scraps and other materials out of landfills every year.
  • Water conservation is more than just a feature on Moen products. Our product testing facility recycles more than 60 percent of the water used in product development.
  • Master Lock annually recycles about 14 tons of polyethylene and nearly 6500 tons of metal.
  • Therma-Tru recycles nearly 45% of its fiberglass scraps from the manufacturing of doors for several purposes included pallets for better handling.

Operating our business with respect for the environment has always been one of our core goals. With the help of the National Forest Foundation, we remain committed to constantly improving our global footprint.

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