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Local Florida Contractor Supports Healthy Habitat on the Ocala

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Based out of Umatilla, Florida, Promise Habitat Services, LLC recently supported the Ocala National Forest with mowing more than 270 acres. PHS mowed dense pockets of oaks and undesirable sand pine trees. The mowing efforts support a future long leaf pine planting as well as red-cockaded woodpecker habitat.

As PHS implemented this project, many local landowners adjacent to project work site, stopped and asked, “What are you doing?” To their surprise, ALL that stopped to inquire of the project were glad to see implementation being applied and applauded the Ocala National Forest for how they’re managing their forest. PHS is thankful and fortunate to be a part of this work project and looks forward to new opportunities in the near future.

Before mowing.

After mowing.

This work is part of the NFF's larger restoration effort on the Ocala as part of our Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences campaign. Learn more about our efforts here.

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