"This $25 million donation --the largest in the NFF’s history -- will yield measurable conservation results,” said NFF Executive Vice President Ray A. Foote. “Tellurian’s support will enable us to plant 13 million trees, expand tree nursery capacity, and improve forests’ ability to hold carbon which is a critical natural climate solution. We hope this will help pave the way toward recognized carbon credits from public lands. In the meantime, this is a forest conservation trifecta.”

Tellurian chose to work with the NFF because of the organization’s track record of delivering quantifiable conservation results and its cutting-edge work on carbon strategies through forest management.

NFF President & CEO Mary Mitsos commented "This investment in healthy, resilient forests and their ability to capture and store carbon is a major step forward. This partnership will not only plant a significant number of trees on National Forest land, but it will also invest in the supply chain of seedlings critical for our nation’s long-term reforestation needs. We appreciate Tellurian’s tremendous commitment across multiple dimensions of our forests’ future.”

National Forests include 193 million acres nationwide, providing extensive ecosystem services including drinking water, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, and more. Managed by the U.S. Forest Service, these public lands are threatened by unnaturally severe wildfire, blight, and pests. The NFF and its partners counter these threats to ensure more resilient, productive, and beautiful forests. With the major growth in interest in tree planting, Forest Service nurseries have struggled to produce enough seedlings to meet demand.

Tellurian Executive Chairman Charif Souki said, “Tellurian is beginning a long-term investment in reforestation, starting in our own backyard, as new trees help provide nature-based carbon sequestration, cleaner air and environmental resiliency. The NFF, in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service, has identified multiple projects across the country that we will support in the coming years. We recognize that natural climate solutions are effective and critically needed today, and that the NFF offers a powerful suite of strategies in this regard.”

Spencer Plumb, NFF Conservation Finance Manager, noted “This partnership is going to help the NFF demonstrate the power of forests as a natural climate solution that can help us mitigate and adapt to climate change. Through this partnership we will begin to scale up our efforts to generate voluntary carbon credits, while also working closely with the USFS to explore carbon projects on National Forests. Millions of acres of National Forests need restoration to ensure these lands remain forested for generations to come. Carbon projects may be a key to unlocking the restoration activities that could make this possible.”

One of the first of many projects under this partnership will be planting 300,000 longleaf pine seedlings on the Kisatchie National Forest near Alexandria, LA. In 2020, Hurricane Laura damaged 40,000 acres of this forest. This work will improve soil stability and wildlife habitat, including for the red cockaded woodpecker. In 2022, the NFF will launch work on coastal forest restoration in Puerto Rico to increase carbon storage, the first of several carbon storage projects to come.

Kisatchie National Forest

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