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Globally, an estimated 500 billion disposable cups are discarded each year. Inspired by the pressing need to reduce the world’s dependency on single-use cups, we launched our sustainable ecocup brand GoReusable in the UK in 2018.

GoReusable Bamboo Eco Cups are made from bamboo fiber, a biodegradable bi-product of chopstick manufacturing, minimizing their impact on the environment. Through our partnership with the National Forest Foundation, we are taking our commitment to the environment one step further. For each ecocup that is purchased, we will plant one tree in a National Forest, with the pledge to plant at least 10,000 within the first year of the partnership.

The insignia on each cup reads “This Cup Plants One Tree,” letting customers know that their purchase plants a tree. Additionally, our customers can learn more about the partnership on the cup’s packaging and on our website.

Planting trees through the National Forest Foundation’s tree-planting campaign will not only provide cleaner air and restored habitat for hundreds of species of American wildlife, but will also sequester carbon and help combat global climate change. We are proud to partner with the National Forest Foundation, and to give back to our global environment, one cup at a time.

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