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Reprocessing Single-Use Medical Devices for Our Forests with Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions

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Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions (Stryker) division is the leading provider of reprocessing and remanufacturing services for single-use medical devices (SUDs). Reprocessing is the practice of inspecting, cleaning, function testing, sterilizing and packaging SUDs so that they can be clinically and safely used again. Reprocessing is one of the most impactful and widely used sustainability initiatives in U.S. hospitals today. By reprocessing SUDs with Stryker, hospitals can significantly reduce the amount of waste they send to the landfill and give a second life to medical devices that would have otherwise been tossed out. Last year, Stryker helped their customers divert 13.2M pounds of waste from landfills and save $339.5M in supply costs.

Going beyond reprocessing, Stryker is striving for sustainability in other avenues as well. Through a multiyear partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), Stryker launched their Products for the Planet program. Products for the Planet provides hospitals the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of National Forests by achieving annual collection goals for SUDs. Stryker partners with the NFF to plant trees in areas that have the most need, based on environmental concerns. In 2017 Stryker’s donation helped restore the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon, and in 2018 their contribution helped the Coconino National Forest in Arizona. Erik Todd, Vice President of Customer Excellence at Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions division said, “We’re committed to partnering with our customers to improve the sustainability of healthcare. One of the creative ways we do this that has a direct environmental impact is our Products for the Planet program. With every tree planted, we can show a measurable and tangible way we are being responsible stewards of our planet. So when customers choose our products, in addition to diverting waste from landfills, they know they are helping the environment in multiple ways.”

This year Stryker is proud to partner with the NFF once more. As a result of this partnership, 10,000 trees will be planted in conjunction with the NFF’s effort to plant 50 million trees across our National Forests by 2023.

Stryker is excited to continue the partnership with the NFF and to help restore National Forests across the US. To learn more, visit

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