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Treasured Landscape: Ocala National Forest, Florida

If youíre looking for a National Forest to get your feet wet in, stop through Ocala National Forest. Less than an hour and a half north of Orlando, Florida, Ocala National Forest has more than 600 lakes, rivers and springs to explore. In addition to water opportunities, the Ocala has hiking and horse trails, campgrounds and more. Plus, as cold weather settles in up north, the Ocala makes for a great winter getaway. Longleaf pine forests once covered 90 million acres of the... (Read more…)

Beat the Heat - Getting Wet on Your National Forests

Summer 2011 will be remembered by most of the country as one of the hottest on record. While politicians and pundits may debate the underlying cause (or lack thereof) of rising temperatures, itís hard to care about why itís so darn hot when it is so darn hot. With temps pushing triple digits across the country, our thoughts have shifted to water - the magical, life-giving molecule that makes even the hottest temperature tolerable. Before we get into the fun stuff, itís... (Read more…)