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A Treasured Spring in Florida

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Silver Glen Springs is truly a gem. Not only is Silver Glen Springs a warm-water refuge for manatees, with crystal-clear water, but it is also home to alligators, and many different fish and birds.

Bounded on the north by the Ocala National Forest, the “run” is a 0.6 mile stretch of crystal-clear water, fed from a first-magnitude springs. Not only is Silver Glen Springs a warm-water refuge for manatees, but it is also home to alligators, and many different fish and birds.

People travel from Orlando, Gainesville, Daytona and beyond to enjoy swimming, fishing, boating and camping in this special place.

Silver Glen Springs is governed by many different local, state and federal agencies and is a source of controversy due to its popularity.

Through our Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences conservation campaign, the National Forest Foundation has pulled together the boating community, conservation interests and governmental stakeholders in the first-ever collaborative effort focused on Silver Glen Springs.

The Working Group is nearing completion of a management plan that expresses the shared vision of the group, and a Memorandum of Understanding between the agencies to show their commitment to the joint plan.

The National Forest Foundation is grateful to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and Florida Gas Transmission for supporting the NFF’s facilitation of the Working Group.

If you would like to support further collaboration and restoration efforts on the Ocala National Forest, click here.

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