National Forest Foundation

Mt. Elbert, Find Your Fourteener

Supported by REI

Mt. Elbert stands tallest among Colorado’s Fourteeners – peaks more than 14,000-feet in elevation. As the tallest and most-visited Fourteener in the state, Mt. Elbert receives significant use each year. In 2017, REI and the NFF teamed up to improve trails on this iconic peak, but there’s more work to do. In 2018, we’ll be partnering again to finish a critical trail reroute on Mt. Elbert.

Our 2018 work included working with five partners to complete construction of a new, ecologically sustainable trail to access the peak. We also engaged hundreds of volunteers on Elbert – more than ever before on a Fourteener in Colorado. This new trail allows for the removal of eroded, unsustainable routes that currently provide access to Mt. Elbert, improving hiker, runner, mountain biker and equestrian experiences on the trail and reducing the negative impacts that the old trail is causing. The new trail protects fragile alpine habitat and reduce water quality impacts caused by the current trail.

We are excited to have completed our work on the South Route of Mt. Elbert this year with the generous support of REI and our incredible local partners.


  • 3.55 miles of difficult trail work completed
  • 267 volunteers
  • 42 youth
  • 5,646 hours of volunteer time
  • 8 project partners

Project Updates

We've wrapped up our work on the South approach to Mt. Elbert, Colorado's highest peak. Thanks to all our volunteers and partners who helped accomplish this important work. We're going to continue working on Mt. Elbert's other routes in the coming years.