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Quandary Peak, Find Your Fourteener

Supported by REI

Quandary Peak Trail Maintenance

With its close proximity to Denver and other Front Range cities, Quandary Peak might be the most popular Fourteener in the state for families, visitors, and hikers looking to begin ticking Fourteeners off their bucket list. This iconic, and relatively easy, hike is on the summit list of every self-respecting Colorado outdoors aficionado.

In 2017, REI and the NFF partnered with local groups to address degraded trails on the sub-alpine portions of Quandary Peak. Together we significantly improved trail conditions on Quandary, but there is still more work to do.

In 2018, the NFF and REI are once again worked on Quandary, this time tackling the high-elevation alpine trail sections. Fragile alpine plants and sensitive alpine soil that take decades to establish are threatened by unsustainable trails and user-created routes. Our 2018 work addressed these final sections of Quandary Peak trails, making the entire system fully sustainable and durable for years to come.

This exciting project is testament to REI’s commitment to making a long-lasting impact on trails in Colorado.


We are proud to have completed our work on Quandary Peak this year. Thanks to all our partners and volunteers who helped!

  • 1.75 miles of difficult trail built/rerouted
  • 282 volunteers
  • 2,760 volunteer hours

Project Updates

We've completed our work on Quandary Peak! Thanks to all the volunteers and partners who helped with this huge effort!