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Please the Trees

Trees keep us cool in their verdant shade in the hot summer months. Trees produce the fresh air we breathe. And trees have a direct link to clean and abundant water we drink and use every day. In northern Arizona, the stately ponderosa pine tree plays an important role in each of these vital resources, all inextricably linked together. 

Truly, we all benefit from strong, healthy forests.

In order to protect these important values, we must take action to protect the forests and trees. We are connected to these forests, even hundreds of miles downstream. You see, the water you use in the Valley of the Sun is made right here in Arizona in the high elevation forests thanks to winter snow storms and summer rain monsoons. That water runs downstream into local rivers, reservoirs, and Valley canals and treatment plants that then delivers it to our homes and businesses. 

Our desert communities depend on a clean and abundant supply of water provided by healthy forests. Local water needs local support. Join us and help care for this vital resource in Arizona. 

Won’t you Please the Trees?

Rosilda Spring Restoration Project

You can contribute DIRECTLY to the Rosilda Spring Restoration Project, an important restoration priority for the Kaibab National Forest. The project entails improving function of a spring that has been degraded over many years. This spring will be revitalized, returning water to the natural system and improving watershed condition, which means cleaner and more abundant water for years to come. 

Your dollars would match other donors and further contribute to improving vegetative cover and biodiversity in the area, benefiting many wildlife species.

The Rosilda Spring Restoration Project will be implemented in Spring of 2018, and with your help, we can make it even bigger and more successful. Be a part of an important local forest restoration project that benefits the health of northern Arizona’s forests and protects important water supplies for the Valley of the Sun!

Learn more about the Rosilda Springs project in the video from the NFF's Spencer Plumb and Charlie Ester of Salt River Project.

Protect. Restore. Enjoy. Repeat.