National Forest Foundation

Matching Awards Program

Eligibility Questionnaire

Since you reviewed the Matching Awards Program requirements, this questionnaire determines whether or not the proposed project is eligible for Matching Awards Program funding. Upon completion of the questionnaire, you will learn if the project meets the minimum program requirements. If it fits the minimum requirements, you will be provided with instructions for submitting a proposal.

Pre-Screening Eligibility Questions

  1. If the proposed project is funded, will award funds directly benefit lands, waters or wildlife of National Forests or National Grasslands?

  2. Does the proposed project fall within one of the NFF focus areas of Forest Health or Outdoor Experiences?

  3. If funded, will the proposed project have at least a 1:1 nonfederal cash match secured before the end of implementation?

  4. Does the proposed project involve civic engagement or community involvement in the pre-implementation, implementation, or post-implementation phases?

  5. If the proposed project is funded, will NFF award funds be used primarily for outreach or education?

  6. If the proposed project is funded, will any NFF award funds be used to support advocacy or litigation?

  7. Will any of the NFF award funds be provided as funds to the U.S. Forest Service or another federal entity?

  8. If the proposed project is funded, will the grant recipient be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, university, or Native American tribe, or utilize one as a Fiscal Sponsor?