California CCLS Past Awards

Projects receiving funding under the Community Capacity and Land Stewardship Program in California

Explore the projects that received funding through the Community Capacity and Land Stewardship Program in California. The program provided grants in 2014-2016.

Note: the years listed below correspond to the NFF's fiscal year.

Alpine Biomass Committee
The Alpine Biomass Committee Capacity Building Project
To build organizational and collaborative capacities. Desired outcomes include forming an organization, facilitation skills, outreach and recruitment, collaborative strategic planning, community involvement and grant writing skills.
Stanislaus and Eldorado National Forests

Calaveras Healthy Impact Product Solutions
Building Capacity for Forest Restoration and Community Recovery in Calaveras County
To build capacity in Calaveras County to support all-lands forest restoration on public and private lands, and assist community impacted by the Butte Fire with much-needed recovery activities.
Eldorado and Stanislaus National Forests

California Trout
Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition
To engage coalition members over 12-18 months to develop & implement 3 restoration projects; conduct 4 public outreach events; reach 500+ people including riparian landowners w/ hard copy & electronic material, & provide infield training.
Los Padres National Forest

Camptonville Community Partnership
Building Organizational & Community Capacity to Further Develop the Forest Biomass Business Center
To improve the local area's wildfire and forest-health resilience and socioeconomic capacity. Social and community capacity are not only outcomes but will be generated throughout the community based process.
Tahoe and Plumas National Forests

Lassen County Fire Safe Council, Inc.
Diamond Mountain Initiative
To implement a 14,000 acre watershed restoration effort led by Lassen County Fire Safe Council, Inc., Lassen National Forest and a host of other partners. Work is being planned and implemented on both USFS and private lands.
Lassen National Forest

Mid Klamath Watershed Council
Western Klamath Restoration Partnership Capacity Project
To build capacity for landscape restoration by funding support staff and a new website. With increased internal capacity, we will achieve stronger agreements and smarter plans for revitalizing our local economies and bringing fire back.
Six Rivers National Forest and Klamath National Forest

The Watershed Research and Training Center
Capacity Building for Aquatic Restoration in the South Fork Trinity River Watershed – Phase I
To build capacity for aquatic restoration in the South Fork Trinity River Watershed through public outreach and recruitment of volunteers, presentations at civic events, hosting workshops, targeted contact with private property owners, and more.
Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Sequoia National Forest Land Stewardship, Restoration, and Capacity Building Proposal 2016
To expand restoration best practices, enlarge native plant nursery, add program manager, obtain full non-profit status, and develop Board of Directors, committees, & organizational partnerships to support WP as a sustainable ecological change agent.
Sequoia National Forest

Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group
Building a Sustainable Future
To build capacity of the Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group to effectively carry out its programs and projects while building a stronger organization.
Eldorado and Stanislaus National Forest

Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Foundation
Eastern Sierra Recreation Collaborative
To focus on the updating of Region 5 Land Management Plans for "early adopter" forests using collaborative methods identified in the "2012 Planning Rule" and the "Framework for Sustainable Recreation".
Inyo National Forest

Mid Klamath Watershed Council
Fisheries Restoration Field Exchange
To use the Fisheries Restoration Field Exchange to facilitate sharing of knowledge, techniques and best practices relating to restoration of Coho salmon habitat amongst collaborative partners in the lower half of the Klamath River watershed in 2015.
Six Rivers and Klamath National Forest

Salmon River Restoration Council
Salmon River Collaborative In-stream Restoration Planning Phase II
To work with multiple project partners on finalizing a collaborative in-stream restoration plan for the Salmon River Watershed and integrating it into the Salmon River Sub basin Restoration Strategy.
Klamath and Six Rivers National Forest

Sierra Forest Legacy
Southern Sierra Prescribed Fire Council Coordinator
To provide the Southern Sierra Prescribed Fire Council with a coordinator to increase current collaborative capacity for the expanded use of prescribed fire and management of natural ignition in the southern Sierra Nevada.
Eldorado, Stanislaus, Sierra, Sequoia, and Inyo National Forest

Sierra Institute for Community and Environment
Sierra-Cascades All-Lands Enhancement
To work with three Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration projects in California to build group capacity, accelerate, success, and draw out lessons to inform policy and other collaborative groups.
Lassen, ElDorado, Stansilaus, and Sierra National Forest

Smith River Alliance
Smith River National Recreation Area Restoration
To advance landscape-scale restoration within the Smith River National Recreation Area. The goal is to secure funding for priority projects, to collaboratively problem-solve restoration hold-ups and create jobs.
Six Rivers National Forest

Southern Sierra Integrated Regional Water Management Group
Building Capacity for Southern Sierra Regional Water Management Group
To plan and facilitate quarterly meetings for the Southern Sierra Regional Water Management Group and to continue targeted outreach to increase awareness and to obtain new members and develop detailed watershed action plans.
Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra National Forest

Yosemite Stanislaus Solution
Building Capacity to Increase Restoration Funding and Sustaining the Collaborative
To address the fundamental need to identify and secure greater and more reliable funding sources from State, Federal, regional on non-governmental sources, and educate and engage the public and decision-makers.
Stanislaus National Forest

Big Bear Valley Education Corporation
Big Bear Valley Eco-mmunity Collaborative
To develop capacity for non-profit and governing agencies to make sound decisions for habitat restoration, responsible recreation and job creation using the Big Bear Valley Wildland Park and Pebble Plain Preserve as a pilot planning project.
San Bernardino National Forest

Nevada County Biomass Task Force
Western Nevada County Biomass Feasibility Assessment
To complete a biomass feasibility assessment--analysis of available sustainable biomass type and amount, feasible sites, suitable technology options and basic economics.
Tahoe National Forest

Plumas Audubon Society
Genesee Valley Wildfire Restoration Plan
To develop a wildfire restoration plan in a 6100 acre pilot project area in Genesee Valley to facilitate collaboration and community involvement and develop capacity for landscape stewardship on Plumas National forest and adjacent private lands.
Plumas National Forest

Salmon River Restoration Council
Salmon River Collaborative In-stream Restoration Planning
To work with multiple project partners on producing and implementing a collaborative in-stream restoration action plan for the Salmon River Watershed.
Klamath and Six Rivers National Forest

Scott River Collaborative
Scott River Collaborative Restoration Program
To develop a successful collaborative stewardship process with in the Klamath National Forest and adjacent properties that will result in the development of landscape scale restoration.
Klamath National Forest

Sierra Institute for Community and Environment
Sierra Cascades All Lands Enhancement
To work with the three collaborative forest landscape restoration projects in California to build group capacity, accelerate success, and draw out lessons to inform policy and other collaborative groups.
Lassen, El Dorado, Stanislaus and Sierra National Forests

South Coast Habitat Restoration
Watershed Restoration for Steelhead Trout
To provide support for staff to promote watershed restoration projects on private lands and within the National Forest to benefit the federally endangered southern steelhead trout.
Los Padres National Forest

South Yuba River Citizens League
Building a Remediation Toolbox for Lands Impacted by Illegal Marijuana Grows
To build a remediation toolbox that will enable stakeholders to justify a need for increased capacity and job growth and expertise to successfully remove and remediate large illegal grows on their lands.
Tahoe and Plumas National Forests

USR Regional Watershed Management Group
Capacity Building for Collaborative Stewardship
To build capacity by providing an internal communication system, a central point of contact with state agencies and other Integrated Regional Watershed Management regions, support meetings, secretarial support, and representation at conferences.
Shasta-Trinity and Modoc National Forests