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Summer/Fall 2017

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The Role of Fire on our Treasured Landscapes

By Greg M. Peters

Beginning with our very first Treasured Landscapes site, the Pike National Forest in Colorado, fire has played an integral role in both how we approach our conservation goals at these sites and how the Forest Service manages them.

Living with Fire

By Spencer Plumb and Caterin Edgeley

Western communities of all sizes, from small rural communities to suburban and urban areas, are grappling with the increased threats of ever-more severe wildfires. Much of this threat is concentrated in the wildland urban interface, or WUI, where structural development meets wildland vegetation.

How Trees Survive and Thrive After A Fire

By Luba Mullen

Big or small, gradual or sudden, change rhythmically punctuates human life. In the natural world, change is just as intrinsic and pattern-based. Seasonal fluctuations in temperature, shifts in sun light, and natural disturbances, like fire, are all part of nature’s cycle.

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