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Summer/Fall 2019

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The Forest is the Therapist

By Ray A. Foote

It turns out that Mom was right after all. It takes some growing up, humility, and open-mindedness—even if grudgingly achieved—to quit the eye-rolling at things our parents said. For my brothers and me, it was “you need to go outside and play.” What? Why do we “need” to do that?

Our Super(lative) National Forests

By Brad Lane

Across the nation, more than 193 million acres of National Forests are all yours to explore. Whether you’re kayaking among icebergs, skiing one of 120-plus ski resorts, exploring saturated rainforests or even finding the perfect place to watch a total solar eclipse, you’re sure to find something superlative in each of our 174 National Forests and Grasslands.

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