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Summer/Fall 2020

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Mountain Rehab

By Krista Langlois

The Find Your Fourteener campaign is creating sustainable trails on Colorado’s highest—and most popular—peaks.

Riding Through the Forest with Leslie Kehmeier

By Hannah Featherman

Leslie Kehmeier isn’t really based out of anywhere. These days, she calls the open road—or trail—home. A self-proclaimed “adventure storyteller,” Leslie utilizes her camera lens to tell the stories of people and places from around the world. She is avid mountain biker and has explored some of our National Forests’ newest and most epic trails. Whether from behind the wheel of her Sprinter van or on the seat of her bike, Leslie is constantly exploring new places and finding new stories to tell.

A Family’s Mission To Explore Public Lands – Melody Forsyth

By Hannah Featherman

Preparing for any outdoor adventure can be challenging. Preparing for an adventure with kids adds an extra layer of work. For Salt Lake City mom Melody Forsyth, there are a few extra steps involved when her family visits our public lands. Melody’s youngest daughter Ruby was born with an adventurous spirit as well as Down syndrome. After seeing other families with special needs visit public lands, Melody was confident her family could as well.

Restoring Idaho’s Forest of Superlatives

By Cassidy Randall

The National Forest Foundation is helping to convene and fund this restoration effort through its Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences program; since 2011, the program has worked around the U.S. to restore and benefit specific sites while helping locals get involved with stewardship. The NFF has a goal to invest in $1.6 million worth of projects at this site on the Sawtooth in the next five years.

Camping for All

By James Edward Mills

A wide variety of accessible camping options makes National Forests an ideal place to begin establishing a positive relationship with the natural world. For families and communities with limited experience outside, these campsites and hiking trails make it possible to have a low-impact wilderness experience that’s close to home.

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