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Winter/Spring 2015

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From Howitzers to Hotlines

By Greg M. Peters

In a country where lambasting government waste is a national pastime, it’s heartening to learn about federal programs that make a real difference on a very small budget. The U.S. Forest Service’s National Avalanche Center is one such example.

The White River National Forest: A Celebration of Past and Present

By Emily Olsen

Today, the White River National Forest defines Colorado and the “new west.” During the first half of the 20th century, Denver transitioned from a scrappy gold mining town to the financial and commercial hub of the Rockies. The second half saw the emergence of a powerful outdoor-based economy as former mining towns like Breckenridge and Aspen transformed into glamorous all-season destinations.

Pushing the Boundaries

By Hannah Ettema

Each winter dozens of hikers scale the peaks of the White Mountain National Forest in winter. From the 'game's' beginning in the mid-20th century to climbers today, the Winter 4,000 Footer Club continues to challenge those who dare to attempt the hikes.

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