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Winter/Spring 2016

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Roaming the Tall Grasses of Midewin

By Hannah Ettema

Tallgrass prairies, like any landscape, require many components for a healthy ecosystem. Since its inception, Midewin has been working to add those elements—native grasses, controlled fire and bison. With bison now contentedly grazing the prairie’s swaying grasses, officials will be able to see how the various elements interact and benefit each other.

Icons in Stone and Reputation

By Ray A. Foote

Less well known are the historic sites the Forest Service owns and cares for. Two such places stand out, although they could not be more different from each other: one, a grand château high above the Delaware River in northeastern Pennsylvania, designed by an esteemed Gilded Age architect and displaying fine European craftsmanship. The other, 2,800 miles due west, a rustic but grand lodge in Oregon’s Cascade Range built by federal work crews during the depression and adorned by Native American art and exquisite carving.

Ride and Groom: Snowmobile Partnerships with States and Clubs

By Greg M. Peters

National Forests from California to Vermont provide some of the best snowmobiling opportunities in the country. Thousands of miles of trails loop through these forests, providing groomed networks that attract riders from neighboring towns and far-flung locales.So how does the Forest Service, which is notoriously strapped for cash, manage to keep thousands of miles of trails groomed and maintained for these cold weather recreationists?

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