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Winter/Spring 2018

Featured Articles

Shifting Range

By Wes Swaffar

Learn more about how trees prefer certain environmental conditions and how climate change is impacting their range.

Forest Restoration: Getting the Prescription Right

By Spencer Plumb and Rebecca Davidson

Forest health, like human health, involves a complex set of variables. Just like medical doctors, there are many types of forest health specialists. Working together, silviculturists, fire specialists, hydrologists, biologists and timber specialists create comprehensive forest treatment and management plans.

Jewels of Appalachia

By Mark Shelley

Learn more about the natural diversity, rich history and abundant opportunities on North Carolina's Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests.

Unique Trees on our National Forests

By Hannah Ettema

Throughout our National Forests, unique trees capture the attention of Americans. Check out our recommendations for a few places that you can visit on our National Forests to see first-hand these special trees.

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