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Forestry, Veg. Mgmt, & Restoration

Tanbark Flats Invasive Weed and Fuel Reduction, Angeles National Forest, California

May 30, 2023

The Tanbark Administrative Site is rich in Angeles National Forest (ANF) history and there are numerous structures within the historic San Dimas Experimental Forest station. Since the early 1930s, it has been used for analyzing the importance of watershed areas in southern chaparral ecosystems. Though much of the facility is no longer used, watershed management research is still conducted here.

The site receives annual fuels reduction maintenance in the form of mechanized, hand thinning, and prescribed fire treatments but due to unforeseen circumstances over the past two years and a reduction in staffing, the site requires fuels reduction maintenance along with invasive plant removal and treatment.

Work will include hand thinning around the existing structures up to 150’, with the remaining cut material being either removed or chipped, or made into Activity Piles to be burned when time and resources are available by the home unit. Simultaneously, the site needs treatment of invasive plant species that have accumulated. Treatment includes identifying, flagging, cutting, and hand spraying the invasive plants.

A total of 45 acres need to be treated within the unit. An environmental assessment has been completed.


Responses should be emailed by May 30, 2023.


Brian Robey,