Ski Conservation and Forest Stewardship Fund

Friends of Pathways supports a vibrant community by advocating the completion of a safe and sustainable pathways and trails system for healthy recreation and transportation opportunities in Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole's guest's contributions to the Ski Conservation Fund, helped Friends of Pathways engage youth from local schools and science groups in restoration and reconstruction on three of the most popular trails near the town of Jackson – Shade Monkey, Putt Putt, and Ski Lake Trails. The work had great community involvement, engaging a total of 324 volunteers for a total of 1,074 hours. The crews interacted with 1,490 trail users, and additional monitoring through the U.S. Forest Service showed an average of 738 people per day using the trails over a 2-week period.

Shade Monkey Trail - Volunteers closed and rehabbed user-created trails on Snow King to reduce erosion and reconstructed a sustainable trail system from the base of Snow King that provides easy access to trails from town.

Putt Putt Trail - This popular trail system in the Cache Creek drainage appealed to more users than the trail could handle. Friends of Pathways and volunteers reduced user conflict and created more neighborhood access by re-constructing the lower portion of the trail into two separate-use trails. The old trail was closed and rehabbed.

Ski Lake Trail - Friends of Pathways increased the sustainability of a heavily used trail on Teton Pass by improving drainage, repairing tread, narrowing braided sections, rebenching and building rock crib walls where needed to bring the trail up to Class 3 Trail standards.

Putt Putt Trail volunteers
Snow King trail system before work
Snow King trail system after work