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Plow & Hearth Partnership

Plow & Hearth Partnership

Through a multi-year partnership, Plow & Hearth’s support planted nearly two million trees on our National Forests across the country.

Since 2009, Plow & Hearth’s dedicated support of our National Forests has earned it a place high on this list. Through its multi-year partnership with the NFF, Plow & Hearth has truly made a real and measureable difference in the health and vitality of America’s National Forests. By focusing on reforestation, Plow & Hearth has been able to improve water quality, restore critical habitat, enhance scenic beauty and recreational opportunities, and instill hope in generations to come. Together, Plow & Hearth and the NFF have nurtured an amazing 1,804,000 trees for our National Forests throughout the country.

In the Midwest, the diminutive Kirtland’s warbler has nearly 300,000 new Jack pine trees to call home. Nearly wiped out by the white pine blister rust, the white pine will tower over the Superior National Forest thanks to the nearly 300,000 white pine trees were planted in 2013 through the generosity of Plow & Hearth.

In the Southeast, whispering stands of longleaf pines once covered nearly 90 million acres. Forest fragmentation, fires, conversion to agricultural land, and unsustainable logging practices have reduced the longleaf pine forests to just 3 million acres of forested islands. Through aggressive and targeted replanting, longleaf pine forests once again greet visitors and provide critical habitat to black bears, gopher tortoises, bobcats, and other species in Florida and Alabama. Plow & Hearth’s support planted more than 600,000 longleaf pine trees in the Southeast.

Across the West, wildfire and insect infestations have decimated tens of millions of acres of forest land. Plow & Hearth mitigated these impacts by planting more than 600,000 native confiers in fire- or insect-ravaged forests from California to Idaho to Wyoming.

Imagine, almost two million life-giving trees are now raising their needled tops towards the sun on public lands stretching from Florida to California, each providing new habitat for wild species, cleaning water for communities, and storing carbon for the future. That’s the difference a valued partner can make.


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