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Salt River Project Supports Arizona’s National Forests

Salt River Project Supports Arizona’s National Forests

Long-time partner of the NFF, Salt River Project has led restoration efforts in Arizona through tree-planting and community engagement.

Since 2009, Salt River Project’s Trees for Change program has supported substantial and important reforestation projects on Arizona’s National Forests. In five years, the program has supported the planting of more than 540,000 trees in some of the most devastated forests in the country. As the frequency and occurrence of severe wildfire has risen in the past decades, Arizona’s National Forests have been hit especially hard.

By planting hundreds of thousands of trees across Northern Arizona, SRP is making a long lasting contribution the health of our National Forests. By re-establishing forest cover in areas scorched by wildfire, SRP is stewarding the same watersheds that supply their operations with surface water. These projects also enhance wildlife habitat for the many species that rely on forest cover. Lastly, while unmeasured, newly planted trees are sequestering significant amounts of carbon dioxide, helping to mitigate the impacts of global climate change.

SRP has also stepped up to involve the greater Northern Arizona Region for our National Forests. Developed by the SRP and the National Forest Foundation, the Northern Arizona Forest Fund (NAFF) provides an easy way for businesses and residents of Arizona to invest in the lands and watersheds they depend on.

With declining forest health and tighter federal budgets, local partnerships and active stewardship are more critical than ever. The NAFF’s projects will reduce wildfire risk, improve streams and wetlands, enhance wildlife habitat, restore native plants, and limit erosion and sediment into Arizona streams, rivers, and reservoirs. The NAFF’s projects will also create jobs and provide volunteer opportunities in local communities through partnerships with local conservation and stewardship groups.