The National Forest Foundation (NFF) and USFS Alaska Region (USFS) are pleased to announce the recipients of $71,000 in grants to improve landscape conditions, forest health and water quality in to benefit Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. The Community Capacity and Land Stewardship grant program helps forest collaboratives and community-based organizations reach agreement on landscape-scale restoration and create forest-based jobs.

Developed as a partnership between the NFF and the USFS, the Community Capacity and Land Stewardship program provides capacity‐building support for local collaborative efforts that work toward improving landscape conditions, forest health and water quality.

photo by U.S. Forest Service

Through this and many other programs, the National Forest Foundation facilitates local involvement and encourages community participation in forest stewardship to enhance the viability of natural resources while considering benefits to, and the involvement of, surrounding communities. Brief summaries of supported projects are provided below.

Improving Wildlife Habitat through Young Growth Biomass Sourcing on the Tongass National Forest

To model biomass availability from young growth thinning operations by utilizing and extending LiDAR forest metrics created across 205,000 acres, and estimate cost and pioneer methods to extract thinned stems from pre-commercially thinned stands.

Tongass National Forest

Hoonah Indian Association

Prince of Wales Stream Training

To train four qualified local residents in Salmon Spawning Tier II and Safety Trainings and hold a community meeting to update the public and sustain support for sockeye projects within the Klawock Lake Watershed.

Tongass National Forest

Prince of Wales Tribal Conservation District

Building capacity to support Compensatory Mitigation on the Tongass National Forest

To collaborate with Forest Service staff to build capacity to support third party mitigation in the form of restoration on the Tongass National Forest through policy level and site level actions.

Tongass National Forest

Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition

National Forest Foundation