National Forest Foundation

Regional Offices


California Program

The California field office focuses on connecting Californians to their backyard forests, particularly the Tahoe and the Angeles National Forests, where we have ongoing restoration projects.

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Eastern Regional Program

Supporting National Forests up and down the Eastern Seaboard and throughout the Midwest, our Eastern Regional Program connects Americans to their National Forests and supports the forests for future generations.

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Northern Rockies

Focused on connecting communities to their National Forest Lands in Idaho and Montana, the Northern Rockies program supports the development of collaboratively built forest restoration solutions

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Pacific Northwest Program

In addition to our Treasured Landscapes campaign sites, the Pacific Northwest Regional Program focuses on engaging youth and communities in stewardship and service-learning opportunities, and supporting collaborative forest health restoration.

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Southern Rockies Region

Supporting efforts in Colorado and Arizona, the Southern Rockies Regional programs connect Americans to their National Forests and unite restoration work.

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