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Lower Salt River Restoration Project

We're loving the Lower Salt!

Lower Salt River Restoration Project

Hop in a tube or put in your kayak, hike along the water’s edge, check out the birdlife, or grill with your family! Whatever you choose to do, your day on the Lower Salt River can include an easy step to protect what you love.

Tube with a purpose! One dollar plants a native tree and helps keep the Salt River flowing.

If each person who recreates on the River gives just one dollar, we could:

  • plant thousands of trees,
  • protect this important water supply, and
  • create a luscious landscape that birds and people will love for years to come!

Donate today: $1, $5, or as much as you can!

The Lower Salt River hosts more than a million people per year who come to swim, float and boat on the river.

Why is this work so important?

The riparian – or riverside – vegetation is currently a dense thicket of invasive Tamarix spp. (Salt Cedar) and Arundo donax (Giant Reed), which impair the function and health of the Lower Salt River. These invasive plants have increased the risk of unnaturally severe fire along the river. The also use an excessive amount of water and increase sedimentation by channelizing the river.

In 2019, we will restore more than 100 acres of riparian habitat by removing invasive plants and replanting these acres with 80,000 native trees, including: willows, cottonwoods, mesquite, palo verde, and iron wood trees. These efforts will also improve wildlife habitat and accessibility to the main river channel.

With your generous donation, we can plant even more trees and keep the good times floating!

Click here to donate now.

Photo by KevLVPhotography