Community Capacity and Land Stewardship Program


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Collaborative members participate in a field tour.

There is a recent history of collaboration associated with watershed and landscape scale restoration in the Pacific coastal states. These collaborative efforts allow groups to work through conflict in order to address both local natural resource and rural economic development challenges. While the specific types and extents of collaborations has varied with place and time, communities find that they can accomplish more by addressing these issues together than they could on their own. USDA agencies are demonstrating their commitment to supporting collaborative efforts that further enhance natural resource and watershed restoration outcomes while also helping to build sustainable, economic capacities in local communities in California, Oregon, Washington and Southeast Alaska.

Through this Community Capacity Land Stewardship (CCLS) grant program, the NFF is administering USDA agency funds to provide capacity building support for local collaborative efforts that work toward achieving watershed restoration objectives within the geographic focus areas. The purpose of this grant program is to provide the tools and support necessary to achieve watershed and landscape scale restoration while also furthering goals that contribute to the economic sustainability of communities. The NFF has partnered with USDA agencies and other partners in the Pacific coastal states  to create and implement this innovative capacity building grant program in support of collaboratives and community-based organizations throughout the area.

Through this grant program the National Forest Foundation will administer funds to help collaboratives and community-based organizations address their capacity building needs that further their on-the-ground watershed restoration goals. Grants will be awarded for a one-year period and are available from $5,000 - $24,000.


Geographic Restrictions

At present, CCLS funding is only available to support work benefiting National Forests and Grasslands in CaliforniaOregon, Washington, and on the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska. The NFF anticipates offering the program more broadly if additional funding becomes available.


Application Process

To learn more about applying for the program, or to view the RFPs and FY15 deadlines, visit the Application Process page, or view past awards



Have a question about the program? Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs). 

Read the FAQs and still have a questions? Contact Adam Liljeblad at (406)830-3357 or .


Other Resources

Find more resources on collaboration and community-based stewardship through Conservation Connect , the NFF's learning network for collaboration.


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