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With the launch of our new line of all natural sleep products, we at Birch are excited to announce our partnership with the National Forest Foundation. Together, we have committed to donate 1% off all Birch sales to the National Forest Foundation, in support of their effort to plant 50 million trees across our National Forests by 2023. With each dollar donated, one tree will be planted in one of our national forests, taking us one step closer to our shared goal of reforestation.

At Birch, we aspire to build the world’s most comfortable, sustainably sourced natural sleep products. Our goal is to make your home a cozier and safer place. We’re working toward this goal by using all natural materials in our mattress, topper and pillow, with no polyurethane based foams or harsh chemicals.

Birch products are made with organic wool, latex and cotton. Birch Wool is sustainably sourced from New Zealand where each farm we partner with is compliant with the PGC Wrightson Wool Integrity program, which guarantees the best farming practices with free range, pasture fed sheep. The latex used in Birch products is 100% Talalay, which is tapped from rubber trees in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Brazil and is OEKO-TEX certified to ensure quality and sustainability practices. Finally, our cotton is 100% organic and spun in North Carolina.

We’re proud to be a partner of the National Forest Foundation and their tree-planting campaign. We at Birch care deeply about our air, water, and wildlife in our National Forests and support the efforts to reduce carbon in our atmosphere with a focus on cleaner air and safer sleep.

Click here to plant trees today.

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