Working together in a collaborative environment is more important than ever to both the Forest Service and the public. However, there is often a knowledge gap between the lead agency and stakeholders; each use their own language and have their own set of expectations. The National Forest Foundation has developed a tool intended to bridge the gap in a clear, concise and usable way by identifying opportunities and presenting techniques for collaboration. The tool is called A Roadmap for Collaboration Before, During and After the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Process.

The Roadmap is available in several versions:

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We’d like to particularly thank Annie Schmidt of Grindstone Environmental Services and the Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition for her research and authorship of the Roadmap. We would also like to recognize the Ford Foundation for the funds to support this project, as well as those individuals cited in the Roadmap who have contributed to the body of literature about the NEPA and collaboration.

And importantly, we thank the following list of organizations, behind which is a long list of individuals, for their assistance at various stages of the development of A Roadmap for Collaboration Before, During & After the NEPA Process. The Roadmap took almost two years from start to finish, and many, many people were involved across the spectrum from the initial stages of helping to formulate the concept, providing feedback through peer learning sessions and small group discussions, offering expertise and experience through interviews, and reviewing draft documents. We deeply appreciate all of the contributions along the way! (And please let us know if we missed anyone by emailing