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Red River Roads Stewardship Collaborative

Red River Roads Stewardship Collaborative

The Red River Roads Stewardship Collaborative represents a diverse group of interests and stakeholders for the Forest Service roads in the Carson National Forest (CNF) Questa District and the interdependent communities and the watersheds and ecosystems in which they are located. Stakeholders include quiet and motorized recreation, conservation, hunters and anglers, commercial and non-commercial forest harvest groups, ranching, the tourism industry, private land owners, and utility companies.


A safe and sustainable Red River Roads stewarded by diverse community members working collaboratively through a consensus process and action plan.


To represent the interests of the Town of Red River and neighboring communities dependent on the safety and sustainability of the Red River Roads (RRRs) – those roads on CNF lands that lead in and out of the town, namely:

  1. Old Red River Pass
  2. Goose Lake Road
  3. 4th of July Canyon Road
  4. Greenie Peak Roads
  5. Cabresto Lake Road
  6. Pioneer Road
  7. Flag Mountain Road

To integrate diverse perspectives to identify, analyze, and prioritize RRRs for repair and maintenance by the community, according to community values and applying community and outside resources.

To steward the RRRs over the long term to achieve safe and passable roads, protect and improve roadside habitats, prevent erosion, and connect the community and visitors to the land to restore and maintain road resiliency and sustainability.


  • Supplement the Forest Service’s road maintenance capacity with collaborative stewardship to establish the RRRs conditions desired by the Collaborative group, as defined in Workshop #1 to be road maintenance, positive environmental impact, law enforcement, and positive economic impact
  • Strengthen relationships amongst stakeholders with differing views about how to maintain the RRRs using a public forum where diverse community members can express their views in open dialogue with the Forest Service Questa District and identify areas of agreement and opportunity.
  • Develop a consensus set of actions for each RRR to serve as a plan to ensure community-level stewardship that is supported by the Town of Red River and other interested collaborators, as well as the Forest Service.

Meetings and Documents

RRR Vision, Purpose & Goals Statement (Approved December 2018)

Collaborative Structure (Approved December 2018)

Meeting Records and Notes

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