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Sierra Nevada Program


Dale Fehr

Sierra Nevada Program

The Sierra Nevada program works on multiple National Forests across the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California and in parts of Nevada. These mountains stretch over 400 miles long and range from 50 to 80 miles wide, covering an area of almost 15 million acres. Annual spring snowmelt from across Sierra Nevada watersheds provides fresh water to mountain residents and a portion of drinking water to 23 million people ranging from Southern California, across the California Central Valley, and to the San Francisco Bay Area.

The goal of the NFF's Sierra Nevada program is to implement both locally-focused and large-scale collaborative projects through partnerships with the U.S. Forest Service, tribal governments, state, county, city, universities, non-profits, and public utility organizations to lead initiatives that create and sustain healthy forest and watershed ecosystems.

Photo by Annie Nyborg

Sierra Nevada National Forests

  • 9 National Forests
  • 7.5+ Million Acres

Our project work is aimed at enhancing and preserving forest ecosystems. This includes hazardous fuels reduction and community protection in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI), promoting forest and watershed resilience and restoration, improving and maintaining wildlife habitats, restoring riparian areas and meadows, enhancing and restoring aspen habitats, and developing and maintaining recreation infrastructure.

Through these initiatives, we actively contribute to the overall health and sustainability of our forests and watersheds, fostering a balanced and resilient ecosystem.

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Interactive map of Sierra Nevada program work


Matt Millar

Sierra Nevada Program Director


Cindy Villegas

California Development Coordinator