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Southwest Program

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Southwest Program

National Forests in the southwest are unique. They span desert landscapes filled with cacti found nowhere else on earth, to sub-alpine mountain peaks where elk roam. By contributing to the various Southwest Program funds, you’re helping to protect wildlife, maintain trails, and enhance the health of our National Forests. We work alongside the 11 National Forests in Arizona and New Mexico to identify and implement projects within the National Forest System so they remain abundant for future generations. Without the support of NFF, badly needed projects would go undone. We add value to the U.S. Forest Service program efforts by providing additional capacity, funding, and community connections.

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  • 6 National Forests
  • 12 Million Acres
  • 2 Funds

From towering ponderosa pine forests to the Sonoran Desert, Arizona’s six National Forests offer almost 12 million acres of recreation opportunities and diverse wildlife habitats. As Arizona’s population grows, demand for outdoor recreation is on the rise, and so is the need to maintain our beautiful landscapes. Our projects improve recreation infrastructure, protect drinking water, reduce the threat of wildfire, and protect and restore wildlife habitat. The NFF developed two Arizona-based funds, allowing you to choose the part of the state you would like to help protect.

Photo by Egidio Leitao

New Mexico

  • 5 National Forests
  • 8.5 Million Acres
  • 1 Fund

National forests are at the heart of the New Mexican spirit. It is home to the Gila Wilderness Area, the United States' first designated wilderness area, created in 1924 at the urging of conservation pioneer Aldo Leopold. The five National Forests in New Mexico provide outdoor recreation opportunities, food, employment, and clean drinking water to much of the state, including urban areas like Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The NFF is working to expand trail networks, support post-fire restoration and reforestation, and support outdoor ethics education. The NFF currently has one New Mexico-based fund, allowing you to support our work in the area.

Southwest Program Overview


Rebecca Davidson

Sr. Director of Conservation Programs and Youth Programs Director


Sasha Stortz

Southwest Program Senior Manager


Trevor Seck

Arizona Program Forestry Supervisor

Jeny Davis

Southern Rockies Program Associate

John Goraj

Southern Arizona Program Sr. Associate

Kaitlin Girtin

Southwest Regional Development Coordinator

Caio Vissicaro

Nothern Arizona Program Forestry Coordinator

Luke Reents

Northern Arizona Program Forestry Senior Associate

Mannie Lopez

New Mexico Program Manager

Evan Dunbar

Colorado River Watershed Program Coordinator

Shannon Smith

Tonto Stewardship Coordinator