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Requests for Proposals

Request for Proposal: Streams Classification and Assessment, Tonto National Forest, Arizona

Summary Overview
The National Forest Foundation (NFF) seeks a contractor to provide GIS-level stream and valley type classification for at least 700 and up to 1,700 miles of stream on the Tonto National Forest (TNF). The TNF contains substantial ecological diversity from Sonoran Desert to Ponderosa pine communities, and with almost 3 million acres, it is the fifth largest national forest. The perennial streams and intermittent streams on the forest are critical for wildlife, livestock, and recreationists in this semi-arid environment. To effectively manage these water resources, baseline data is needed on perennial and key intermittent streams for use in monitoring, plans, and assessments. While the TNF has excellent stream and riparian data from the 1990s through mid-2000s, more recent data gaps offer challenges for evaluating existing conditions. This project will begin to address data gaps through a systematic stream classification effort through a GIS-based stream and valley type classification using the Level 1 Rosgen Classification system for at least 700 and up to 1,700 miles of stream. The product of this project will be a Geodatabase of stream and valley type date, along with a brief report describing methodology used to produce these data.

Responses should be emailed by Friday, February 26, 2021, 5PM MST

Sasha Stortz at or 928.961.0318

Request for Proposal: PR Firm

Summary: To execute on the NFF's media strategy, achieving regular, positive, national media placements with measurable results. Media outlets can include broadcast, digital, and print.

While inspiring mainstream engagement has become more critical, it has also become more difficult. The NFF is grappling with its variety of goals, with a distracted public, fickle donor preferences, rapidly changing technologies, and a constant struggle to differentiate from better-known peer organizations. As a non-advocacy organization, our work often lacks the "drama" that draws journalistic attention. It has never been more critical for the NFF to take a deliberate and strategic approach to outbound media and brand management, ultimately capturing the heads, hearts, and dollars of individuals who will donate and engage with us.

What has continued to prove challenging is developing and executing a successful, proactive media strategy, journalist and outlet relationships, pitching and positioning the NFF as an expert in conservation, forestry, and public lands stewardship.

Deadline: Proposals due by Friday, February 12, 6:00 PM (EST)

Contact: Colleen Coleman at or 360.516.7071

Request for Proposal: Goose Bay Cabin Construction, Chugach National Forest, Alaska

Summary Overview
The National Forest Foundation, in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service on the Chugach National Forest, is building a new public use cabin at the Goose Bay Cabin site on Prince William Sound. The new A-frame cabin will replace a cabin that was damaged by a heavy snow load. The previous cabin will be removed by U.S. Forest Service staff. This project involves hiring a qualified contractor to build a foundation and construct the new cabin according to specified, Forest Service-approved foundation and cabin designs. The project site is remote and will require knowledge and confidence of operating in similar locations.

Responses should be emailed by Friday, March 5, 2021.

Patrick Shannon at or 503.407.2898.

Request for Quotes: Sawmill-Liebre Reforestation Project, Angeles National Forest, California

Summary Overview
The Angeles National Forest is planning a reforestation project covering 170 acres of severely burned forest within the 2013 Powerhouse Fire area. The Powerhouse Fire was a 302,741-acre human-caused fire ignited in May 2013 by electrical power lines.

The project is spread over a 47.29 square-mile area along the Sierra-Pelona Ridge. The stands in the project area consist of 27 individual units averaging 7 acres in size. The units are defined by areas where montane woodland conifer areas with big cone Douglas-fir forests existed pre-fire (Natural Conifers) and severely burned preexisting plantations (Plantations). Some are separated by areas of chamise chaparral and mixed chaparral vegetation communities.

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) will serve as the project manager and Contracting Officer for the Sawmill-Liebre Reforestation Project, with support from the U.S. Forest Service.

Responses should be emailed by Wednesday February 17, 2021.

Brian Robey at or 818.296.5030