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Request for Information and Statement of Work for Tujunga Watershed Arundo Control Program and Riparian Restoration

The National Forest Foundation (NFF), with the generous support of public agencies and private organizations, is restoring the Big Tujunga watershed by removing the invasive weed Arundo donax. The watershed-based restoration program will implement the following practices: manual removal of invasive plants, removal of invasive plants using herbicide, re-vegetation of native species, and maintenance and monitoring. The project is targeting a coverage area of 50 acres over a five-year period.

Support Clean Water: Rock the Moke, the Album

Featuring over an hour of great music spanning multiple genres from fourteen different acts, all proceeds from this high quality downloadable album will support the Moke Fund. The theme of water, rivers, forests, and giving is sure to appeal to nature lovers, and you might discover a new favorite band or songwriter.

Bison Here to Stay at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

The Forest Service has introduced three bulls and 23 cows to their new 1,200-acre enclosure at Midewin. Through strategic management efforts, Midewin’s staff hope to see positive changes for prairie health. The experiment will explore how bison grazing patterns support the tallgrass ecosystem and how the bison’s grazing will benefit grassland bird habitat. Lastly, the experiment will see if bison can safely be used a restoration tool across more than 1,200 acres.

Pink Jeep Tours Invests in the Health of Northern Arizona’s Forests

Pink Jeep Tours has announced a partnership with the National Forest Foundation that will help protect the Oak Creek and Verde River watersheds by funding restoration projects on the Coconino National Forest. Through the partnership, Pink Jeep Tours will collect donations from its customers for the Northern Arizona Forest Fund, a program developed by the NFF and Salt River Project that is designed to improve forest health and water quality in the Salt and Verde River watersheds.

NFF and Avista Utilities Partnership Benefits Native Fish in Lightning Creek

In cooperation with the Forest Service, the National Forest Foundation partnered with Avista Utilities to put large wood back into Lighting Creek to enhance the habitat for the benefit of native bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout. This work to install log and rootwad structures (sometimes referred to as “engineered log jams,”) at 28 locations along Lightning Creek was completed this summer.