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Collaborative Capacity Program for Forests & Communities

Financial Awards

New Program Announcement

With federal funding through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the National Forest Foundation’s Collaborative Capacity Program for Forests & Communities (CCP) invests in the resources, skills and tools, and support activities that make collaboration for forest stewardship successful through a financial awards program.

Eligible collaborative efforts must describe how investments in collaboration will support a long-term strategy for achieving stewardship outcomes into the future and these outcomes must seek to benefit National Forest System lands.

Refer to the summary and the Request for Proposals linked below for full information.

Key Dates

  • May 22, 2024: Informational Webinar for All Applicants
  • May 29, 2024: Informational Webinar for Tribal Applicants
  • July 12, 2024: Deadline for CCP Applications
  • 2025: Application period opens for Round 2

Summary of CCP Program Requirements

  • Eligible Applicant Organizations: Nonprofit organizations; local governmental entities; Tribal governments and organizations; and colleges and universities. If your organization or collaborative group does not meet this eligibility criteria requirement, it must utilize an eligible fiscal sponsor.
  • Funding Pathways: There are two funding pathways - one for Tribal applicants and one for all other applicants.
  • Eligible Use of Funds: Funding must support collaboration or collaboration-based activities that aim to benefit forests and grasslands that are currently managed by the US Forest Service through the National Forest System.
  • Award Amount: From ~$10k to $150k per award.
  • Timeframe: Activities funded in this round will begin in early September 2024 and may run for up to two years through September 2026.
  • Matching Requirements: Cash and In-Kind match are encouraged but not required. Match is not a factor in project evaluation.
  • Letter of Support: A Tribal letter of support or resolution is required to apply to the Tribal Application Pathway; a US Forest Service letter of support is required to apply to the All Applicants Pathway.

This is a new program and funding details may change in future rounds.

Photo by Sabrina Claros

Request for Proposals - Full Program Details

Click below for the Collaborative Capacity Program 2024 Request for Proposals (RFP), which contains full program requirements and instructions for how to apply.

Informational Webinars

The NFF will hold two informational webinars about the Collaborative Capacity Program.

Applicant Resources

If you have reviewed the RFP and still have questions about program eligibility, feel free to contact the NFF. Requesting feedback from NFF staff about eligibility is encouraged to ensure you are submitting a proposal that will not be disqualified. Be sure to reach out well in advance of the deadline to ensure there is time to answer your questions. Contact information is provided below.

Additional resources include:

The NFF convened an Advisory Committee with a broad range of perspectives and experience, including collaborative conservation, rural capacity building, Tribal and Indigenous stewardship and co-stewardship, and outdoor recreation, for several months to influence the design of the CCP. We appreciate their expertise and guidance in developing this program.


If you have questions about the NFF's Collaborative Capacity Program that are not answered on this webpage or in the CCP Request for Proposals, please contact:

Rebecca Brickner, Conservation Awards Coordinator - Collaborative Capacity, at 205.659.7822 or [email protected]