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A Paddler’s Guide to Leaving No Trace

by RootsRated

There are few things out there as memorable or rewarding as an overnight river trip. It doesn't matter the river type—whether it's full of technical rapids or deep, languid flat water—there's just something about paddling to a campsite that can't be beaten. But of course with all good things, it pays to be diligent and responsible in order to keep them good. So, here are some simple ways to minimize your impacts while paddling, so that you (and others) can enjoy these natural places for many more trips to come. Read more…

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Beaverhead-Deerlodge Working Group Hitting Its Stride

by Emily Olsen

In 2011, the NFF convened and began facilitating a citizen-based group of people representing key interests, geographic balance, and knowledge of the National Forest. After years of working towards mutually beneficial outcomes, the Beaverhead-Deerlodge Working Group (BDWG) is hitting its stride. New resources are coming to the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest as a result of the group’s successful collaboration. Read more…

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Small Seeds Grow Big Trees

by Piper McDaniel

How the South Fork Basin Stewards program leveraged community engagement to address vital ecosystem issues. Read more…

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NFF Staff’s Favorite National Forests

by Hannah Ettema

Here at the NFF we love supporting all of our National Forests. That doesn’t mean we each can’t have our favorites! Find out what some of our favorite National Forests are. Read more…

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Combining Business Passion with National Forest Restoration

by Greg M. Peters

The Barrett Foundation Business Concept Challenge is one of these creative initiatives. Designed to bring entrepreneurism and market-based innovation to natural resources management, the Challenge awards $100,000 in prize money to business concepts that hold promise for increasing National Forest restoration. Read more…


The 10 Best Hikes in Asheville

by RootsRated

You're holed up at a coffee shop in downtown Asheville, sipping an espresso and pouring over a stack of trail guides. What would you like to do today—summit the East coast's highest peak, or explore the East Coast's deepest canyon? Scramble up the chutes and ladders of Grandfather Mountain, or weave gently through a verdant valley to reach a 70 foot waterfall? Read more…


NFF Supports Trailwork on Lincoln National Forest

by Stephen Carter

EcoServants began work in June 2015 on the Cedar Creek portion of the Ruidoso Trails Conceptual Plan of 2010. They partnered with the Lincoln National Forest - Smokey Bear District, Village of Ruidoso, Parks and Recreation and Bicycle Ruidoso. This project includes building 1.2 miles of beginner trail that connects three parking and camping areas as well as 4.2 miles of intermediate trail—all with the help of a grant from the National Forest Foundation. Read more…


A Day on the “Mon” in West Virginia

by Ray Foote

NFF staffers Ray Foote and Mark Shelly visited Elkins, West Virginia to meet with Forest Service staff and see potential conservation projects on this 919,000-acre National Forest. Read more…

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Local Florida Contractor Supports Healthy Habitat on the Ocala

by Daniel Kennedy

Based out of Umatilla, Florida, Promise Habitat Services, LLC recently supported the Ocala National Forest with mowing more than 270 acres. PHS mowed dense pockets of oaks and undesirable sand pine trees. The mowing efforts support a future long leaf pine planting as well as red-cockaded woodpecker habitat. Read more…


The 5 Best Campsites in Francis Marion National Forest

by RootsRated

Within Francis Marion National Forest's boundaries there are over 40 miles of cycling trails, innumerable paddling and canoeing routes, lots of Spanish moss, and the Awendaw Passage. There are also plenty of campsites for a wilderness immersion experience. Read on for the five best campsites in Francis Marion National Forest. These offer a top-notch visitor experience, plus they're just damn fun places to camp. Read more…

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Local Utah Contactor Supports Fish Habitat in Mill Creek

by Cindy Mecham

Mecham Brothers Inc. joined with the National Forest Foundation and the US Forest Service in May of 2015 for the Mill Creek Culvert Replacement Project on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The new culvert will help restore Mill Creek closer to its natural condition, supporting healthy conditions for Bonneville cutthroat trout, which has been in the creek for many years. Read more…