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Ten of the Best Places to Paddle on National Forests

by Marlee Ostheimer

In 2013, we posted a blog called “14 Best Places to Canoe and Kayak on National Forests.” Two years later, it’s still one of our most popular blogs. We thought we should add a few gems we missed and highlight some of the other best places to paddle on our National Forests. Read more…


NFF Grant Builds Capacity in Rural Oregon for Community Collaboration

by Stanley Petrowski

Major changes took place in our small rural village within the Umpqua National Forest in 2004 when Coho Salmon, a listed threatened species, suddenly appeared in one of Elk Creek South Umpqua tributaries. The appearance of the salmon was a powerful catalyst for change that few would have guessed. Read more…

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Trout Unlimited Excited to Support Little Truckee River with NFF Grant

by Sam Sedillo

Trout Unlimited (TU), along with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), has led the charge in taking steps to keep the Little Truckee River healthy. This September, TU will oversee the Little Truckee River Fish Habitat Improvement Project which aims to improve the overall health of the existing fishery. Read more…


Three Ways For the Entire Family to Have Fun Camping

by Dale Van Every

Not every child takes instantly to the idea of camping. Here are some suggestions for making the family camping trip a little more appealing to everyone involved. Few activities can bring a family with children closer together than a camping trip. The cooperative effort, the time together experiencing the outdoors and new places, the shared laughter—all have the potential for lifetime-memory creators. These are the types of experiences parents want to give their children: great family times that grown kids can look back upon and cherish. Read more…

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How Do You Like To Get Outdoors?

by Hannah Ettema

Saturday, June 13 is National Get Outdoors Day. Across the country, our National Forests provide some of the best places to play whether it’s paddling, camping, hiking, driving or simply taking in the view. We asked a few Forest Service employees why and how they like to get outdoors. Read more…

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U.S. Forest Service Reaches Urban Audience with ‘Urban Connections’

by Amanda Patrick

In 2000, the Eastern Region of the U.S. Forest Service began laying the groundwork for Urban Connections (UC), an outreach effort that fosters mutual relationships to connect urban residents and the Forest Service through the conservation and enjoyment of forests and green spaces in the country’s largest metropolitan areas. Read more…