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Restoring Longleaf Pine Forests and Keystone Species Habitat

Planting trees through our 50 Million for Our Forests campaign has many documented benefits, such as improving forest health, air quality, and watershed stability. Tree planting projects also restore wildlife habitat, including restoring habitat for endangered or threatened species.

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Connecting Forests and Finance

​When we think of our forests, we think of connection. The place we go to feel alive. To grow. To heal. To reflect. It’s an unmistakable and powerful bond to who we are and our bond to the land and its creatures great and small. And today, our forests need us more than ever. As massive deforestation continues and global climate change accelerates, you may often ask yourself: what can I do to have impact?

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Green Biz 2020: Key Takeaways from Corporate Sustainability Leaders

For the first time, National Forest Foundation (NFF) staff joined one of the leading sustainability conferences in the nation. The GreenBiz 2020 conference brought together more than 1,400 leaders in sustainability, including leading American corporations, universities and nonprofit organizations in Scottsdale, Arizona for three days to explore the nexus between business and sustainability.

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