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Planet Home Lending embraces people, planet, and prosperity, and has planted 55,000 trees on National Forests since 2019.

Planet Home Lending, LLC is a full-service mortgage company that offers home loans and refinancing across the country. With loan products from Conventional to Jumbo, from cash-out to VA, we pride ourselves on providing great rates and great service.

At Planet Home Lending, we’re also proud to be in our second year of partnering with the National Forest Foundation via Planet with a Purpose, our charitable giving program. As we like to say, “At Planet Home Lending, we support our planet, our people, and the prosperity of homebuyers. Every single day.”

"We strive to be a good corporate citizens to the benefit of our communities, society, and the planet," said Michael Dubeck, CEO and president of Planet Home Lending in 2019. "This tree-planting partnership with the National Forest Foundation allows us to define, promote, and enhance the green aspect of our company while showing that it is possible to be fiscally successful and environmentally conscious.

As a company aware of how we all benefit from a robust ecosystem, Planet Home Lending funds the planting of three trees for each loan we originate — up to 30,000 in 2020 after funding 25,000 in 2019. But our social responsibility doesn’t end with our NFF partnership.

First, by moving to digital mortgage assistant and electronic disclosures and documentation whenever possible, we have saved reams of forms and paperwork that would otherwise have required shredding and fossil fuel transportation to landfills.

We’ve also chosen our second Planet with a Purpose beneficiary, The Farmlink Project, a charitable grassroots movement working to move surplus crops from farms to food banks to address food insecurity and prevent food waste, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

To learn more about Planet Home Lending’s sustainability initiatives, you can visit

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