National Forest Foundation

Youth Engagement

The NFF has long included youth-focused stewardship within our grant making and volunteer programs. We recognize the critical need to get youth outdoors and immersed in nature for their health and the future of our public lands. Without an engaged constituency of young Americans, knowledgeable about our public lands and how they benefit our nation, we cannot hope to perpetuate the values that make these lands so special.

But our grant programs aren’t the only way we engage youth. Our own youth-focused initiatives take these important efforts to the next level. This combined approach allows us to impact more young people, increasing our reach and ensuring that we have a new generation of informed and engaged citizens to carry on our work.


our programs get youth out onto our National Forests where they connect with the natural world.

To learn more about our youth initiatives and how we use our granting programs to encourage youth volunteerism, please visit our Case Studies page.