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Finding Nature's Stories

Comedian, activist, and host of the PBS’ hit series America Outdoors, Baratunde Thurston searches for the human heart of wild places.

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Photo by Baratunde Thurston.

Casting for Collectivity

For the guide, podcaster, and DEI consultant, being a Diné woman in the fly-fishing industry means speaking up and out until she starts seeing more faces like h...

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Blueprint for Compromise

For decades, mining interests destroyed a crucial salmon-spawning habitat in Alaska’s Chugach National Forest. Now, a unique collaboration between conservation ...

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Cindy Villaseñor: Choosing a Sustainable Lifestyle for our Planet

Garden educator and sustainability advocate Cindy Villaseñor knows that one person can make a big impact. Whether it’s because of one memorable class with a col...

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Kena Peay: Cooking While She Adventures

Kena Peay has loved both cooking and the outdoors since she was a kid growing up in Washington state. After beating renowned chef Cat Cora on NBC’s Food Fighter...

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Warm Memories & Cooler Climates

How the Wood For Life program in northern Arizona fights climate change and helps Indigenous families

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