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The Sapling Program

Learn how your business, no matter what size, can reforest National Forests

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The Sapling Program is designed for companies and organizations that want to demonstrate their environmental commitment by planting trees on National Forests, but without the larger commitment of a corporate partnership. The Sapling Program is a critical component of our coalition of partners and supporters working together to reforest areas that need it the most.

To date, we’ve planted more than 1,000,000 trees with the help of our Sapling members!

Once you've joined the program, every dollar your business contributes will play a crucial role in revitalizing National Forests in need of reforestation. Your commitment truly makes a significant impact!

How It Works

Becoming a member of The Sapling Program and supporting tree planting on our National Forests is simple!

  • Enroll as a member. We require a one-time enrollment fee of $100 that supports program administration. Once enrolled, we’ll reach out with donation instructions.
  • Donate to plant trees. Your company can schedule recurring tree planting donations or make donations at your own pace. We do require regular donations to ensure our partnerships are active.
  • We plant your trees. Your donations will be invested in high priority projects across the country, and we’ll ensure that one native tree is planted for every dollar donated.

Please click on the below FAQs for additional information and requirements.

Enrolled Members, Make Your Tree Planting Donations Here

Tree planting donations may be set on a recurring basis. Please enter your business name in the promo code on the payment page.

***If you have not yet enrolled, please make your one-time enrollment donation on our enrollment form first.

Benefiting Your Business

Tree planting partnerships are a low-cost, easy way to demonstrate your company’s environmental commitment. Being a member of The Sapling Program shows customers your investment in National Forests - shared public lands, enjoyed by and of benefit to all Americans! To celebrate and recognize your partnership, we offer:

  • A partnership badge to show your support for National Forests on your website and in communications.
  • A partner resource kit with photos, shareable tree planting videos, and additional NFF resources.
  • Your company is listed in our Annual Report if donations exceed 1,000 per year.*
  • Your company is listed on the NFF’s Corporate Partners webpage if your donations exceed $1,000 per year.
  • Quarterly tree planting updates about the NFF's Reforestation Program and planting projects.

*September 30 is our annual deadline for listing in our annual report.

One Year, 365 Trees

Sapling Program members and individuals can commit to planting 1 tree a day for 365 days, showing that many small acts can add up to a big impact. Interested in making the “One Year, 365 Trees” pledge?

The Sapling Program members…

*Either of these commitments will go toward your membership.

If you’re an individual donor…

The Sapling Program Member Spotlight

Greetings from Begonia & Bench, the creative endeavor of Michelle & Darren. In our candle studio, we blend artistry with environmental awareness, transforming the traditional candle-making process. Our approach challenges convention as we offer our creations directly at pop-up retail locations, festivals, and art fairs in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest, or online at begoniaandbench.com.

Our collaboration with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) roots us in a mutual dedication to the forests’ well-being. Drawn to the NFF’s mission in the restoration and management of national forests, we’ve consciously chosen to intertwine our craft with forest restoration. With every candle we pour, a tree is planted in a U.S. National Forest through the NFF’s Sapling Tree program. This embodies our philosophy that true sustainability comes from giving more than we take.


Abby Schembra, Reforestation Partnerships Coordinator, at [email protected]